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How the practical Patient wash set appeared?

Balikesir/Gönen State Hospital I started to serve as a nurse in the palliative service. Later, four or five nurses were carrying the patient to the bathroom to wash the patients with late-term cancer patients and bed-dependent, or we were doing a wipe. I started to investigate that they should have an easier and more useful solution. I continued to investigate how the product would be used both in the hospital and at home. I’ve worked on this subject for a while, like about a year I did trials for it. Finally, a patient who is currently in use is very practical with the name of the patient who gave the practice of the washing product we have implemented. Then, by converting it into a set, we presented it to our patients in a set consisting of soap, fiber, washing hose and drain required during the patient’s bath.

In July 2018, we started to produce 70 m² closed area. We offer our beds on our website and social media accounts.

Our product is guaranteed for 2 years. This product, which is domestic and national, will eliminate the problem of bathing in bed-dependent patients with the market. The practical patient washing kit will be offered to all hospitals, home care units, patients with social indication of municipalities, nursing homes, elderly care homes and disabled citizens.

Our mission: To work with an entrepreneurial and innovative team and to produce the most recent solutions to the problems of our patients.

Our vision: First, to ensure the washability of the bed-dependent patients in Turkey and to provide the best practical solutions to the patient and relatives with new ideas to the patient care in the world.

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